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Prepare for and easily track your college applications with help from OptimumED

Navigating the College Application Maze with Ease

We understand that the college application process can be daunting—from unraveling its complexities to the practical tasks of completing and tracking applications. At OptimumEd, we empathize with the stress this process can bring. Our goal is to streamline the entire experience, offering clarity on how it works and easing the burden from your shoulders. 

Our coaches will support every aspect of the application process. We will assist you in

determining an application strategy regarding Early Action, Regular Decision and Early

Decision. We will ensure you have a variety of schools to which you are applying that

are a mix of likely, possible, and reach in regards to likelihood of acceptance. We touch

every aspect of the application – support in ensuring accuracy, strategizing the activities

section, coaching recommendations, and editing essay requirements. We help you

make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.

Parts of the College Application; Transcript, Resume, Letters of Recommendation, and Essay


Easily keep track of your college applications with The Custom College Plan Platform

OptimumEd is dedicated to making your application journey smooth and well-organized. With our Custom College Plan platform, we leverage technology to boost interactivity and efficiency. This user-friendly platform allows both the coach and student to easily access and share documents, create college lists, generate comparison reports, and manage applications and essays securely. Each student has their own personalized portal with unique login credentials, ensuring a private and customized experience.


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