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Bring the Career and Academic Assessment Process to your school!

Attract, Retain, and Inspire Students

OptimumEd can deliver our powerful Career and Academic Assessment Process on a group basis, in-person or virtually, making it economically viable for small schools.  Our in-depth assessment arms your students with the self-knowledge they need to make smart career and academic choices


In addition, OptimumEd can deliver the rest of their College Planning Process in small group seminar format in the classroom, as well as provide informational parent meetings in the evening to give an overview of the process, provide financial aid information, and answer parent questions

Student and Tutor


Help them find meaning and direction

“I had such an excellent experience working with Tom Leahy with my own sons that I recommended his services to all of the parents and other school colleagues that I knew. We now have OptimumEd working with each one of our juniors and seniors this fall. Every parent should have the positive experience with their child than I did working with OptimumEd. Additionally, Tom worked so well with our son after high school, after two years of college, to find a direction and a career pathway that he is excited about. This organization works with students of all ages - middle school, high school, and college - to help them find meaning and direction.”

Julia L., Head of Schools
Grove Christian School, Richmond, Virginia

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