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Cast a vision for the future you want with our
Career and Academic Assessment Process

This is where it all starts.

Self-knowledge is a powerful tool for life, and the Career and Academic Assessment Process is the foundation.  We assist your teen in casting a vision for all the possibilities ahead of them.  Beginning with career exploration as the first step in the college planning process provides clarity in decision-making. 

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What the assessment reveals to us

Our in-depth Career and Academic Assessment provides an overview of  cognitive abilities, personality traits and interests. These three pieces of information come together to determine your individualized profile, which identifies careers that match your unique strengths, talents and interests.


We spend time together exploring those careers through a powerful database providing information on a day-in-the-life of your career of interest, required education and training, viability, salary ranges, and more



Once you have created a vision of possible career direction, we encourage you to  further explore by talking with current professionals in your field of interest, as well as discuss other opportunities to immerse yourself by volunteering, shadowing, elective courses, etc.  

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This is just the beginning!

Choosing your career naturally guides the selection of your academic major, marking the beginning of the college search process.

Ready to shape your future? Click now to schedule a conversation with our advisors and kickstart your journey toward the optimized college and career experience.

Your success story begins with a conversation—let's make it happen together!

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