A complete suite of academic, admissions and financial aid services

What College is Right for Me?

Career & Academic Assessment:

On-line career and academic assessment focuses on identifying the appropriate educational and career path.

College Search and Selection:

Develop search criteria based on the student’s academic, personal and financial requirements. Identify pool of schools that meet the student’s profile.

How Do I Manage Admissions?

Marketing, Personal Resume and Demonstrated Interest:

Assist in effectively marketing the student to college and universities.

Manage Essay Writing:

Manage the writing requirements for colleges and universities

Applying to College:

Hands-on, personal assistance with on-line applications.

Selecting College to Attend:

Assist in determining the appropriate college to attend upon acceptance.

How Do I Pay for College?

Need-Based Eligibility Analysis:

Calculate the student’s financial aid eligibility, analyze the family’s finances and develop strategies to increase financial aid eligibility.

College Funding Comparison:

Provide side-by-side comparison of bottom line cost for each college being considered; compilation of informational profiles, outline admission requirements, educational programs and financial aid.

Private Scholarships:

Explore available private scholarships based on the student’s profile.  Establish personal, interactive web site and assist with application process.

Financial Forms Filed:

Assist in compiling required data to file the FAFSA, CSS profile and other institutional forms filed.

Financial Aid Awards Analysis:

Compare financial aid offerings and develop a plan to address the family’s share of the cost, including loan analysis and selection.

How Do I Bring It All Together?

The Complete Suite of Services:

All services combined to manage the entire college admissions and financial aid process.