Being a Client of Optimum Ed

Bi-Monthly Emails:

Twice each month, Optimum Ed publishes an electronic newsletter, which provides timely information to include:


To provide our clients with up-to-date information about various topics affecting the lives of families, Optimum Ed sponsors a series of educational seminars, presented by experts in their fields.  These seminars are always free for Optimum Ed clients.

Access to the Resource Center and our Trained Counselors:

Optimum Ed clients are welcome and encouraged to use the facility, take advantage of our resources, and our trained counselors should a difficult question need answering.  Optimum Ed is open after schools hours and should be considered an extension of the school guidance office.

Who Benefits?

For employees whose company sponsors our services as a benefit, discounted services are offered; and the more participants, the bigger the discount.

For PTAs/PTSAs/Church Groups/Scout Troops/Civic Organizations that sponsor an educational seminar, their group will be offered discounted services; and Optimum Ed will donate a percentage of any subsequent fees for service to the sponsoring organization.