Academic and Career Assessment – Find Your Future


Take the Assessment and receive Professional Consultation

You take the assessment online and then we work with you personally for 2 one-hour sessions, analyzing and interpreting your assessment results and helping guide your decisions as you plan for your future. This is where the real value is.

Congratulations! You’re here and ready to take the final step in creating the path to your future; and greatly increasing the likelihood that your investment in higher education will result in a sustainable career. That’s so exciting!

It begins with understanding your thinking style, personality and interests. That’s where Optimum Ed steps in. We provide an in-depth assessment that will provide an overview of your cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and interests.

These three pieces of information come together to determine you profile and identify appropriate careers that match your unique strengths, talents and interests. You’ve probably not thought of all the job possibilities.

But that’s just the beginning. We then explore those careers through a powerful data base that will tell us whether specific jobs will be growing or declining over the next 15 to 20 years; how many job openings are available each year based on new job creation and attrition; and expected salary levels. This critical information is delivered both nationally and by state, and provides side by side comparisons.

Is this important? You bet! Just because a job fits your profile, if it’s not going to exist in 15 years or doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills, it’s not worth pursuing, is it?

With a practical career in mind, determining the right college major is a pretty easy task. Then you simply have to ask, what colleges and universities provide that academic path?

Does it make sense? Yes. Does it deliver immeasurable value? Without a doubt!

Do the math. If investing in our assessment, you save one semester of college, that’s $11,000 you didn’t spend on education. You just earned an over 2,000% return. You can’t find that ROI on Wall Street.