What Clients Are Saying

Here’s what previous clients are saying about our program:

“Due to your guidance and expertise in helping us through the admissions and financial aid process, Laura was able to obtain $18,575 in financial aid from New York University.  For the money I spent to retain your services, compared to the money we received from NYU, your service is one of the very best values I have ever come across.”

–Ms. Anne Manning, Midlothian, VA

Without your help, there was no way we could have gotten applications in on time nor navigated our way through the financial aid system.  We would not have been able to afford to send our daughter, Grace, to a private college.  Thanks to you, Grace is attending Hollins University.  She has received $17,235 in grants, awards, and loans.  We were shocked at how much there is to know and do to get your fair share of financial assistance.”

–Larry & Susan Robinson, Richmond, VA

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert advise and assistance.  Due to your guidance, we were able to secure $14,300 in financial aid at Georgetown University, which we could not have obtained on our own.  Your financial strategy and negotiations with the financial office made all the difference.”

–Mrs.  Betty Drummond, Richmond, VA

 “It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  I am certain that had it not been for your professional advice regarding my financial choices for college funding, my existing grants from federal and state would have been far less substantial.  Thank you, once again, for your help.  Your services are highly recommended by me to my friends and colleagues.”

–Mr.  Martin Rappa, Beaverdam, VA

 “We’d like to thank you for all the assistance and time you gave us concerning college admissions and financial information for our daughter, Veronica.  Your explanation, expertise, and patience has allowed us to better understand our educational system, and secure a place on the Methodist University basketball team.”

–Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sebolt, Chester, VA


Some other students who made the admissions and financial aid system work for them with personal guidance from Opitmum Ed:

Erin Henretta, Manchester H.S., negotiated full tuition scholarship with VCU’s School of Engineering.

Adam Crooks, Mills Godwin H.S., negotiated aid from Randolph Macon College reducing out-of-pocket by $3,600

Dana McCarthy, L.C. Bird H.S., reduced EFC by $6,000 and received $800 additional in need-based assistance from Elon College.

Kristin Hughes, Mills Godwin H.S., is attending Longwood University.  With our advise and assistance, out-of-pocket expenses for the family were reduced by over $5,000.00 for her freshman year.