Nurturing Successful Students

A successful student is more than a high grade point average or high test scores. Students need to develop attributes that will make them successful in life outside of school, and it’s important as a parent to help guide in your child’s development. Many of these attributes can be developed and guided by parents.

Appetite for learning

Students with a natural appetite for learning perform better in school. This eagerness usually stems from parents and others promoting an environment for their child to grow and discover when they are younger. As a parent, you can give your student diverse environments so they can see that the world is a big, interesting place. As students get older, this eagerness to learn will guide them to experience opportunities they may have otherwise steered away from. However, parents should avoid pushing this concept too much because burning out a student on the process of learning can be detrimental.

Putting in the Effort is worth the Reward

Successful students are willing to put in the effort that results in quality work. Parents can help their student develop this early on by showing the value of a job well done. Students learn to be proud of tasks they complete and do well, even when the task becomes difficult. This important characteristic will follow your student beyond school and into their future job. Guide your student to see the importance of not giving up, and in the case of a failure, learning from mistakes. Some students are so focused on never making a mistake, but sometimes students need to push past a safety net to experience a bigger reward.

Ask Questions

A successful student is always learning and recognizes that they don’t have all the answers, so they must ask questions. Guide your student to see beyond the “I know everything” mentality and learn to ask questions without feeling dumb. As a parent, you can develop this attribute by posing questions to your student that will in turn guide them to wanting more answers.

Work Hard

A great student may not be the smartest, but they have the ability to work hard. There are many naturally gifted students who lack the drive to actually be successful. If you have a naturally gifted or naturally intelligent student, find a way to challenge them so they are not bored. So often these students become bored and unfocused. On the other hand, if your child is average in school and tests, they can continue working hard, which will ultimately determine their success in life. Push your child to complete assignments on time (even early)and put the most effort into every assignment they complete, even the mundane tasks. Guide your child to ask for help when it’s needed. Teach them that they should never be ashamed of not knowing something since they can always learn. Spend time developing your child’s skills by reviewing their work to see where the weaknesses lie.

Be Involved

It’s important for your student to be involved in extracurricular activities. Not only because it looks good on a college essay, but it will make them more successful in life. These activities are opportunities for your child to be involved and learn in a way that the traditional classroom does not provide. Your child can also take on different roles and leadership responsibilities and to work collaboratively on a team, which can help them develop skills for future jobs.

Teach them to Solve Problems

In the age of asking Google to answer all of our questions, it’s important for your child to learn to solve problems on their own. Students have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, which leads to less of a need to think on their own.

Be Trustworthy

Show your child the value of trust. This is an important attribute that will continue for their entire lives. You can develop this trait by showing your child the importance of honesty and leading by example.

Support System

Successful students have a great foundation surrounding them. While a student cannot choose their immediate family, they can develop their own support system of friends and teachers. It’s important to teach your child the importance of developing these relationships.

Social Skills

Last, but definitely not least, in the time of texting and social media, sometimes students need to be pushed to develop their social skills. Teach your child the importance of clear communication that will lead them to be a respected adult in the future.

It’s important for parents to learn attributes their children have and how to develop these. Some children have natural born attributes that can be developed further, while others may take more effort to develop. Successful students become successful adults.


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