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Richmond Mom’s Blog

Christina Tinker

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Photo of Barbara Simeroth

College Placement Consulting for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Barbara Simeroth M.S.Ed.

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SAT/ACT and Academic Tutoring

Christopher Cosans, Ph.D.
Richmond Special Educational Strategies

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Student Loan Management and Consolidation

Mark Resnick
Student Loan Freedom

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Youth Drivers Insurance and Renter’s Coverage

Mark Orgochock
Central Virginia Insurance Group

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Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Ethan Chandler
Phoenix Fitness Martial Arts and

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Personal Coaching and Relationship Building

Joel Morgan
Personal Coach

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Saving and Investing for College

Sara K. Vick, CFP®
Investment Advisor Representative, Heron Creek Advisors

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Military  Advisor and Special Operations Prep

Matthew Bahen
S3E Performance Fitness

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ADHD Coaching

Kate Barrett

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Financial Literacy Training

Wafa Noble
Edward Jones

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Video Resumes

Taylor Quinn

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Interview Techniques and Coaching

Julie Moon

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Youth Sports and Health Coaching

Megan Edwards

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Special Needs Trusts

Mathew Reinaker

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